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CB 750 FOUR K0/F2  -    GOLDWING GL1000
Primary driven damper rubbers

CB 750 Four primary driven sprocket was unavailable from Honda for many years. It is the part n° 3 on the drawing below, Honda part number 23110-300-030 :

Maybe you d’ont know it but this sprockets contains 12 rubbers which serve as shock absorbers of primary transmission, and which also have for essential mission to distribute the tension between the 2 primary chains.

Due to time, fluting by the 2 cheeks of the sprocket, heat of the engine and aggressive modern oils, these rubbers become very hard and eventually break in 2 pieces, or worse disintegrate in small particles which we find in the oil filters of the engine, with the risk of sealing of these filters. Primary transmission is also noisy when these rubbers are in poor condition.

In the aim to repair this unfoundable sprocket, we launched the refab of these rubbers with the help of an important french Automotive industry sub-contractor. These parts are made in France, have the same Shore hardness than the original rubbers and are submitted to a serious quality control.

The complete kit contains 12 calibrated rubbers and 12 screws replacing the original rivets fixing the 2 sprocket cheeks. Our new production has been revised with rouded edges as original parts and Shore hardness with reduced tolerances compared to our previous production :

Mounting this kit is easy.
You can download the Instruction Manual as PDF files by clicking below :
CB750 Four Instruction Manual   (0.5 Mo)
Goldwing GL1000 Instruction Manual (0.5 Mo)

Before mounting this repair kit, please verify that the teeth of the 2 sprocket rings are in good condition. If they are out of order, you must find an other complete sprocket in good condition before to mount the kit.